H ustle on and off the field

A ttack the strike zone, both hitting and pitching

M entally prepare yourself for every pitch, every situation and every at bat

M anufacture runs, put the ball in play on the ground and put pressure on the defense

E ncourage your teammates, negative attitudes are infectious

R espect your parents, coaches, teammates and the game

S peed up the game, this will keep your teammates, coaches and even the fans in the game





1. Pitching (individual video analysis with tutorials)

a. Grips, delivery, and pressure points on fastball and off speed pitches

b. Mechanics for wind-up and stretch (slide step)

c. Measurements ( gauging their progress throughout the fall)

                                          i. Velocity

                                        ii. Time to the plate

d. Covering the bag at first base

e. Bunt covers and back-ups

f. Stretching routines pregame/Conditioning

                                        i. Slide Board

                                       ii. Surgical tubing

                                     iii. Medicine balls

g. Mental approach on hitting counts / batter’s swings / hitter’s positions in the batter’s box

h. Relaxation techniques

i. Confidence techniques

j. Pick-offs and holding runners (when to throw over)

                                      i. First Base / Second Base/ Third Base

k. Working with your catcher (the battery)

l. Long toss proper technique and format

m. Simulated games

2. Hitting (individual video analysis with tutorials)

a. Mechanics of the swing (specific breakdown drills to promote muscle memory)

                                          i. Stance /Hands / Dynamic Balance / Hip rotation / Contact / Follow through

b. Getting into the box and out of the box

c. Measurements of the swing ( Zepp Sensor)

                                          i. Bat speed/velocity

                                        ii. Impact angles

                                       iii. Swing plane

                                       iv. Time to impact

d. Core focus strength building

                                        i. Heavy bag (core strength)

                                      ii. Surgical tubing bat ( shoulders and forearm strength)

                                     iii. Ground exercises (core hip flexion)

                                      iv. Medicine balls (core hip speed and power)

                                       v. Hitting jackits

e. Bunt mechanics and situational drills

                                      i. Sacrifice

                                     ii. Drag bunting

f. Mental preparation and game situations

                                      i. Pitching counts

                                     ii. Seeing the baseball and rotations

                                    iii. Relaxation techniques

                                     iv. Where to hit the ball for the benefit of the team

3. Infielding (individual video analysis with tutorials)

a. Mechanics of ready and fielding positions (drills for muscle memory)

                                     i. Forehand, backhand, and straight on grounders

                                     ii. Getting your legs ready to make the throw

                                    iii. Following your throw to the bag

                                     iv. Aggressive infielding  to reduce the pressure

                                      v. Ball/arm positions prior to delivering  the throw

b. Situational work per position

                                      i. Turning the double play

                                     ii. Covering your base

                                   iii. Infield hierarchy

                                    iv. Run downs

                                     v. Fielding assignments while the ball is in play

                                     vi. Bunt covers

c. Positioning infielders per pitch selection

                                       i. Lefties vs Righties

                                      ii. Off speed vs fastballs

                                      iii. Inside vs outside pitches

d. Pick off coverages

4. Base Running (measuring and videotaping)

a. Understanding situation and counts

b. Taking a proper lead

c. Utilizing your coaches

d. Run downs

e. One-way leads/primary/secondary

f. Stealing home

g. Stealing off lefties

h. Maximizing your first step from your lead

i. Turning in to pick up the ball

j. How to hit the bag

k. Getting out of the box

5. Outfielding

a. Positioning per pitch selection from infield (open vs closed hand)

b. Maximizing your first step to the ball

c. Hitting your cut offs

d. How to move forward when catching the ball

e. Do or die fielding on base hit

f. Diving for ball mechanics

g. Gripping the ball before your relay

h. Proper backups when the ball is in play

i. Outfield hierarchy

6. Catching

a. Throwing down to second

b. Blocking balls in the dirt

c. Pop-ups behind the plate/using your pitcher

d. Signals to pitchers and infielders

e. Calling pitches per situations

f. Throwing behind the runner

g. Blocking the plate

h. Cut-off and positioning infielders

i. Proper squat with runners on and off bases

j. Building confidence with your pitcher

k. How to properly catch a bull pen

7. Teams Coverages

a. Cut-offs and relays

b. Executing a proper rundown

c. Bunt coverages

d. Communicating with your teammates

e. Understanding your roles in the lineup

f. Squeeze play

g. First and third situation

h. Hit and runs

i. PFP’s Pitchers fielding practice

j. Defensive fielding positions per game situations

                                     i. Bases loaded infield in

                                   ii. Corners up

                                  iii. First and third

                                   iv. Double plays

                                    v. Sac flies

                                   vi. Nothing over the head (outfielder situation)

k. Live situations/Intrasquad

l. Pick-off plays

m. Trick plays with baser runners (defensive)

8. Conditioning

a. Heavy Bag work (push bags, jabs, hooks, fast hands, footwork)

b. Plyometrics ( bounding exercise, side by sides, body force/power work)

c. Surgical tubing ( Dr. Jobe exercise, bat torque)

d. Medicine ball work ( core and shoulders)

e. Slide board ( fast feet and power drives)

9. Warm-up and pregame play

a. Proper warm-up routine pregame

b. Pepper games Big League Style

c. Flips

d. Baseball golf

e. Rocket ball

f. Kangaroo Court

g. Fungos


Thank you,

Coach Mike




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